Donate Life Texas Registry gives back with Transcontinental Treats

La Prensita | KeAnna Whisenhunt

Ampliar Clarissa Thompson of TOSA, Simora Nichols of the San Antonio Eye Bank, Lung Recipient and Pastor Dorothy Delarosa, and Monica Mendez of GenCure pose with fun props and signs at the Transcontinental Treats event. (Photo, KeAnna Whisenhunt)

Donate Life Texas Registry gives back with Transcontinental Treats

Donate Life Texas Registry kicked off the ECHO campaign in efforts to encourage minorities of San Antonio to give back and give life through organ donation.

Transplant survivors and donors united with the San Antonio Eye Bank, GenCure, and Texas Organ Sharing Alliance to create an impactful message in the hearts of senior citizens, in hopes that it would ‘echo’ a desire to help someone in need. Standing for “Every Community Has Opportunity”, ECHO is an ambitious initiative that encourages ethnic minorities to register as an organ donor.

These organizations were on hand July 14 at the Hope of Glory Church to echo a sentiment to senior citizens about organ donation and the difference it makes in the lives of those who depend on it. A donor registry drive and Q&A session was provided while guests enjoyed fun games and transcontinental treats, including some Filipino delicatessens.

Senior citizens were also able to take home some canned goods and food items courtesy of the San Antonio Food Bank, who provided a food drive for guests at the event. Continue reading.