Donated organs to help others

The Daily Iberian News | Ashley Hinson 

The late Darrell Thibodeaux Jr., right, holds his son, Colt, 7, who would visit his father at his grandparents’ home once every two weeks.

Darrell Thibodeaux Jr. had many mental and physical health issues that suppressed him from living the way he wanted to live.

After a tragic asthma attack took his life, Thibodeaux became the first organ donor in 14 years at Dauterive Hospital, thus helping countless others and achieving a dream he never saw fulfilled.

“He was a very kind-hearted person,” said his mother, Ginger Thibodeaux. “He suffered from depression and bipolar disorder and OCD. He had a frontal craniotomy in 2001. He had a tumor behind his eye and he stayed in the hospital for seven weeks. After that everything he had progressed more.

“He was a very funny person and he loved speed-skating,” she said. “He speed-skated and was hoping to get on the world team, but that’s when he got sick.”

Ginger Thibodeaux estimated that her son’s Darrell bipolar disorder, OCD and depression developed in his mid-to-late 20s. The effects were so severe that he lost his ability to work and lived at home with his parents. He saw his son, Colt, 7, every other weekend. Continue reading

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