Donated Tissue Heals Burns, Bones and Blindness

The Hour News | Alisa Gaudiosi

The summer season is filled with many fun activities that unfortunately, can turn deadly in an instant. Burns from fireworks or injuries from a sports or motorcycle accident can require life-saving skin grafts or bone replacement. LifeChoice Donor Services wants to educate Connecticut residents about the lesser known, but vital role that donated tissue plays in healing these types of injuries.

“Donated tissues can be used to heal an incredible variety of injuries,” said Caitlyn Bernabucci, Public Education Specialist for LifeChoice Donor Services in Bloomfield. “From corneas used to restore sight, to bone for joint replacement and tendons to reconstruct torn ACLs and repair Achilles ruptures, the list is practically endless.”

Bernabucci understands that many people associate organ donation with major organs such as the heart and kidney, and few are aware that tissue donations actually help more people. Over 1.5 million people rely on donated tissue each year in the U.S. LifeChoice works with the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation, LifeNet Health, Tissue Banks International and the Connecticut Eye Bank. Continue reading

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