DonateLife Week: Son’s legacy is what he gave to others

St. George and Sutherland Leader | By Maria Galinovic
Son’s legacy: Rosemarie and Oliver Zammit. Picture: Yiorgos Karahalis, Reuters

IT’S no accident DonateLifeWeek brochures come with a ‘‘Let’s Talk’’ heading.

Simply, it’s talk that explains organ donation and dilutes fear, particularly in cultures where the thought of signing away your liver, lungs, heart or kidneys is too horrific to contemplate.

Having gone through the unthinkable — the death of a child — Oliver Zammit is one of those people always ready to raise awareness.

The Zammits, originally a family of five, all signed up to be donors if any of them should die.

Seven years ago the eldest of Oliver and Rosemarie’s three sons died. Doujon, 20, was bashed by a bouncer outside a nightclub in Greece where he was holidaying with his cousin.

Brain-dead in an Athens hospital and with the word donor on his licence, Doujon was an ideal organ donor. All the Zammits had to do was agree to switch off his life support.

‘‘Nothing compensates for the loss of a child but Doujon’s legacy is the difference he made to the lives of others,’’ Mr Zammit said. Continue reading


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