Explaining Donation & Transplantation to Children

Donate Life California

Generosity and sharing life make organ transplants possible. Those are the messages to be emphasized when explaining to children how donation and transplantation work.

Discussing organ donation with younger children may sound intimidating. In fact, many of us are hesitant to talk about serious illnesses and death, particularly with children. However, when explaining donation/transplantation to kids, we recommend highlighting the message of life – and our ability to share it with others after we no longer need our body parts.

Of course, how the topic of organ donation and transplantation is approached will depend on the child’s experience with organ donation, if any. Information should be brief and simple and at a level appropriate for the children’s age, with an opportunity to ask questions.

Below are some questions and answers to help guide younger children in a conversation about organ donation and transplantation.

What is an organ?

Much like a machine, our bodies are made up of lots of working parts. For humans, these working parts are called organs. All of our organs work together in our body, but each organ also has a specific job, such as pumping or cleaning our blood or helping us breathe. Continue reading