Father recalls ordeal of having wife's kidney donated to daughter

The Mainichi

A father recalls the trials and tribulations associated with having a kidney from his dead wife donated to their daughter.

In 2011, when the father spoke at his wife's funeral, he told those gathered about the day she collapsed: "It was a typical Sunday morning, no different than any other day."

On that day in late April 2011, the daughter, now in her 20s, who had had kidney illness from birth, came and told him, "Mom says she's going to lie down because she's not feeling well." The mother's condition was unusually bad, so the family called for an ambulance.

The daughter, after having a kidney donated from her father removed, had registered with the Japan Organ Transplant Network to be put on a waiting list for a new one, but her turn hadn't come around. Just a few days prior to collapsing, the mother had, at a health check for the daughter, said she wanted to move forward with a live kidney transplant from her to the daughter. Therefore, when the father heard that the mother, in her 40s at the time, had little chance for recovery from the subarachnoid hemorrhage that caused her to collapse, he told the hospital he wanted the kidney transplant from her to go through while she was still alive. Continue reading