Finding organ donors among Qatar's Muslim community

Al Jazeera | Shafik Mandhai
While opposition to organ donation is rare in the Muslim world, there remains some disagreement on its validity [EPA]

The Qatari government offers a series of incentives to those who donate their organs.

As throngs of people head to Qatar's malls at the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, it is Yassir Yosri's job to ask shoppers to make a more thoughtful choice besides what Eid gifts to buy.

The Egyptian web designer is one of the hundreds of employees at the state-owned Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), which is stationed at attractions around Doha and tasked with increasing the Gulf state's organ donor registration rate.

Before Ramadan, which began on June 18 this year, the country had around 45,000 people on its donor registration list, or five percent of eligible residents, according to HMC. Since the start of the campaign during the Muslim holy month, 13,000 people have been added to the register.

However, even the higher figure represents a lower proportion of the population than in countries like the US.

Like Qatar, the US adopts an 'opt-in' method but has a designated donor registry that includes 48 percent of eligible adults. Continue reading.

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