Firefighter donates portion of liver to teen

The Times Argus | Eric Blaisdell

PLAINFIELD — A central Vermont teenager has a new lease on life after a local firefighter performed the selfless act of giving the boy part of his liver.

When he was 10 years old, Caleb Quittner, of Plainfield, was diagnosed with primary sclerosis cholangitis, an autoimmune disease that can cause liver failure. Doctors told Quittner’s mother, Brandi Parker, his liver could fail any time from two years after the diagnosis to 30 years.

The next six years progressed just fine until Quittner, 17, developed a head cold in September. Parker says that cold sent his disease into motion, quickly causing scar tissue on his liver.

Parker was left wondering why the disease had decided to start up then, as she said Quittner had much worse colds in the past six years. A month after he caught the cold, Quittner was put on the liver transplant list. Continue reading