Former FHS computer leader seeks kidney donor

Foxboro Reporter | Jack Authelet
Poster features Barbara Selvitella at the Beth Israel Medical Center Transplant Institute.
Developing the Computers in the Classroom program when joining the Foxboro school system in 1976, Barbara Selvitella could have been hailed as the Poster Girl of Educational Advances.
Instead, her smiling countenance looks down from a poster in the lobby of the Beth Israel Medical Center Transplant Institute to promote the success of its transplant theory program through which she received a kidney and replacement pancreas which fully restored her health.
But 10 years later, that kidney failed, and her name has been returned to the list of those waiting for a kidney donation from a deceased donor.
It is a long process that could take up to five years, and waiting is no longer an option. She is looking for a Good Samaritan willing to be a live donor. Continue reading