Giants Splash: Tim Hudson on mom’s liver transplant and his final months in ball

SF Gate | Henry Schulman

Photo: Brant Ward, The Chronicle Tim Hudson (17) walked off the field after hitting in the fifth inning. The San Francisco Giants play the Pittsburgh Pirates Wednesday June 3, 2015 at AT&T Park.

PHOENIX - Tim Hudson surrendered 15 hits in a game for the first time in a May 7 home loss to the Marlins. Six nights later he pitched much better in a loss at Houston.

The public and press were not aware of the wrenching days in-between, when Hudson traveled to Birmingham, Ala., to visit his ailing mother, Sue, perhaps for the last time.

"Honestly," Hudson said Friday, "I didn't think I was going to see her alive again. She was as sick as I'd ever seen anybody."

Now, when Hudson phones his 68-year-old mom, "I can't believe how good she sounds. To be able to talk to her and see her now, she sounds and looks better than she probably has in the last 15 years."

Sue Hudson had liver problems since a childhood bout with hepatitis. She has needed a new liver for the past several years. This year, the pitcher said, that need became "dire."

She got on the transplant registry and, when the Giants were in Miami in early July, got a donor organ and had the transplant. The Giants already had decided to place Hudson on the disabled list to rest an ailing shoulder and ankle. The timing allowed him to take the short flight to Birmingham to be there. Continue reading