Greece man moves to Virginia for a better chance at a heart transplant

WHEC Rochester | Lynette Adams

You've probably seen the question several times before when you renew your driver's license: Do you want to be an organ donor? Wednesday, we met a local family who knows first-hand how important it is that people to become donors. They also know what it's like to wait for an organ that could save a loved one's life.

Two years ago, Daniel Chianfoni was a seemingly healthy young man when a racing heart and hours of vomiting sent him to the emergency room. It turns out he had a congenital heart defect that would forever change his life and those of his family members. Now, his mother is appealing to the public.

Camille Bianchi says, "They did nine transplants in 2014 [in New York] where, in the same period, Virginia did 22."

It's the reason Daniel Chianfoni pulled up stakes two months ago and left Rochester. He, his wife and 22-month-old son relocated to Richmond, Virginia. The 26-year-old was tired of waiting. He'd spent the past year laying in a hospital bed waiting for a new heart.

"Here in Rochester you have to be on the one A-list, to get a transplant you have to be in the hospital," says Bianchi. "So he had to stay in the hospital even though he wasn't that sick. But for him to be number one or high on the list, that's what it requires." Continue reading