Heart transplant patient says connecting with Aboriginal culture vital to recovery

Australian Broadcast Company | Blythe Moore

Peter Daley is now fighting fit at home in Mount Isa, north-west Queensland, after receiving a heart transplant four years ago.

To look at Peter Daley these days it is almost unbelievable to think he was on the verge of death just four years ago.

Mr Daley had spent more than a decade battling a genetic heart condition and the organ had just about given up entirely when he was flown to Brisbane's Prince Charles Hospital in 2011.

He spent several months connected to an external mechanical heart before he was well enough to receive a transplant in June of that year.

Since receiving his donor heart the father-of-four has never looked back.

"Everyone's got their own way of dealing with stuff and I just take every day as it comes," he said.

"I love every day as if it's my last and I take nothing for granted.

"You get that second chance of life and you see things from a different perspective."

When he was released from hospital Mr Daley said he was under strict instructions from his surgeon to take it easy. Continue reading