Heart transplant recipient David Lu celebrates DonateLife week

The Australian | Trent Dalton

Heart recipient David Lu with his daughter Angela Lu. Picture: Jeff Camden Source: News Corp Australia

For 25 years David Lu has pondered the qualities of the anonymous man who donated the heart beating inside him, a lifesaving transplanted organ expanding and contracting today in exact accordance to the width of his youngest daughter’s smile.

He was kind,” figures Lu, a 60-year-old, Vietnamese-born, Brisbane retiree. “He was young. He was smart. He was handsome. He had a good sense of humour.”

Lu’s daughter, Angela, a 26-year-old Melbourne doctor, smiles, puts an arm around her dad.

“Dad’s inherited all of this from his heart,” she laughs.

It’s a romantic notion Lu refuses to discount, that the human heart carries things inside it that can’t be defined by medical science; invisible storage items that pass undetected through countless invasive heart assessments, kept and immovable heart things such as the memory of Angela telling the former 16-hours-a-day labourer: “Dad, I’ve won an academic scholarship to study medicine.”

“Honestly, after I got the transplant, my life changed,” Lu says. “I became calmer. I looked at everything and it had changed.

“Before, I’m terrible. I was very bad, very easy to upset. After, I’m calmer. I enjoy every minute of my life. Continue reading