Lasting legacy for Siouxland organ donor

KTIV News, Sioux City, IA | Beverly Perry
It was a tough decision for the family of Randy Olson, of Soldier, Iowa.

Randy died in January of 2006.

"Would you like your loved one to become an organ donor. So, my family and I were faced with the decision to decide whether or not he wanted to be one," said Marcy Melby, Randy's Daughter.

Randy's family decided to donate his organs to help others in need.

It was a decision that changed their lives forever and the lives of five other individuals and their families.

"We have actually gotten to meet and talk to some of his recipients over the years which was very healing for us," said Marcy Melby, Randy's Daughter.

Randy, who was a people person and would help anyone in need, was still helping others after his death, with the gift of life.

"We had the feeling that life was still going on because of someone we loved. It helps your grieving process and it helps you move forward in your own life and think that there are more things that you, yourself can live for because of that," said Sandy Harris, Randy's Wife.

And that's the reason for the Randy Olson Memorial Golf Tournament.
The first one was held just a few months after Randy's death with the goal of promoting the importance of registering as an organ donor. Continue reading 
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