Local grandfather grateful for organ donation

South Jersey: The Central Record

This Father’s Day, Evesham resident John Browne, has a big reason to be grateful. This year marks his ten year anniversary since receiving a life-saving liver transplant. John and his wife, Pat, have two sons, Tim and Greg. Their sons are now adults with children of their own, and live in Atlanta, GA and Philadelphia. In 2003, John wasn’t sure if he would survive to see his grandchildren be born and grow.

He was diagnosed with bile duct cancer in 2003, a very serious and rare form of cancer. After receiving radiation therapy, doctors told John that he would need a liver transplant to survive. He was listed on the organ transplant waitlist, and then his wait began. The prospect of waiting was a frightening one. In Gift of Life Donor Program’s region (eastern PA, southern NJ and DE), there are more than 6,100 people who are waiting for an organ transplant. Currently, 21 people die each day while waiting in the United States. John was justified in worrying that his second chance at life may never come. And then, he received the phone call that saved his life – there was a liver available for him. Continue reading