Meet Olivia Swedberg, The 3-year-old Hero Who Doesn’t Wear a Cape

American Live Wire | Enozia Vakil

3 year old Olivia helps two children after death from brain cancer Photo Credit: Google Images Read more at

The organs of Olivia Swedberg, 3, who had a terminal disease would go on to save other children.

A girl with her vibrant personality, Olivia was diagnosed in May with terminal brain cancer known to be diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, which has a 0 percent survival rate.

Her family was aware they needed to live whatever life she has left to the fullest and went on a Disney cruise. It is there where they realized that the condition of Olivia had deteriorated quickly.

“When I was in Orlando, a lady emailed me and said she had been following Lucas’ story and knew he needed a liver transplant,” Lauressa Swedberg, Olivia’s mother, said.

Lucas had only weeks to live but was settled in the Pittsburgh area. After learning about Olivia, his family was praying for a miracle. The liver of Olivia was a miracle needed by Lucas which the Olivia’s family arranged for a direct organ donation to Lucas. Continue reading