Metro State student looking for donor for fourth kidney transplant

The Denver Post | Tom McGhee

After three failed transplants, 25-year-old Kelsey Crider is hoping a live donor will provide her with a new kidney.

After three failed transplants, Kelsey Crider is waiting for a live donor willing to part with a kidney and give her a renewed life.

The Gunbarrel resident was 17 and preparing to attend Fort Lewis College in Durango when she learned that she had medullary cystic kidney disease, a hereditary condition that degrades kidney function.

At the time, Crider, now 25 and attending Metropolitan State University of Denver, had about 12 percent kidney function.

"She felt tired and wasn't eating well, (but) it was a complete shock. We didn't see it coming," said her father, Steve Crider.

Kelsey Crider began dialysis, going three times a week to a center where she was hooked to a machine that cleaned her blood for four hours at a stretch. The process left her exhausted.

In October 2007, she had her first transplant, a kidney donated by her dad. "My dad was a perfect match — on paper," she said.

But her immune system rejected the organ despite the anti-rejection drugs she was taking. Continue reading