Newborn Minnie becomes one of Britain's youngest organ donors at 23 days old after her parents choose to make her short life count

Daily Mail | Lizzie Parry
Minnie Duggleby was born with a congenital heart problem and vital muscles from her throat missing. Doctors warned her parents Ami and Liam that their newborn baby girl was unlikely to survive open heart surgery
Her life was cut tragically short, but little Minne Duggleby's legacy will live on.

At just 23 days, the beautiful newborn became one of the youngest organ donors in the UK, giving the gift of life just hours after she passed away.

Her selfless parents, Ami and Liam Duggleby, from East Yorkshire, were devastated when doctors told them within 24 hours of their daughter's birth that she was suffering congenital heart problems.

The newborn also had vital muscles missing from her throat, and specialists told the couple she was unlikely to survive multiple open heart surgeries to repair her fragile, under-developed heart.

Rather than let their daughter suffer, the couple made the heartbreaking decision to let her pass away peacefully. 

But amidst their grief, Mr and Mrs Duggleby, made a second, selfless decision.

They asked doctors at Leeds General Infirmary if Minnie's organs could be donated, after she died at 23 days old.

The newborn became one of only the six neonatal organ donors in the UK. Continue reading

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