Norfolk teen on life after double lung and heart transplant

Eastern Daily Press | Stacia Briggs

Natasha Storey, who is about to celebrate her 10-year anniversary of having had a heart and lung transplant, looks back at news clippings with her parents Keith and Debbie. Picture by SIMON FINLAY.

Ten years ago, 16-year-old Natasha Storey from Bradwell received the gift of life in the nick of time when she underwent a double lung and heart transplant. Now a 26-year-old film graduate, newly-engaged and with her whole life ahead of her, she plans to celebrate her transplant anniversary with a party – STACIA BRIGGS spoke to Natasha, her mother, father and fiancĂ© about life after a transplant.

Natasha Storey, received a double lung and heart :

“My brain tends to block out the worst memories like the pain, but I know Mum remembers every last minute of it all.

“I tend to remember the best parts – the people I met in hospital who became friends, the lovely nurses and doctors, the laughs we had. I left school in the middle of year 10 because I was so ill and I only went back to visit once – I was in a wheelchair and everyone crowded round me. I hated it and never went back.

“When I was told I needed a transplant, the doctors thought I only had seven months left to live. Waiting for the bleeper to go was torture and the first time it did and we rushed to Great Ormond Street to be told that the operation couldn’t go ahead was heartbreaking – I think that was the worst time.

“It was like being given hope and then having it snatched away again. It was a miserable Christmas. We waited until July before another donor was found and by that time I was in bed, breathing was a struggle and I was feeling terrible. When the call came, we were at the cinema in Norwich about to see War of the Worlds – I had to wait for it to come out on DVD before I got to see it because we raced home and an ambulance was waiting for me! Continue reading