Officer hopes for organ transplant

North Platt Telegraph | Liz McCue

The deputies and officers of the Lincoln County Sheriffs Office are learning the hard way that it takes three people to do what Lt. Jeff Hedgecock does as the chief administrator in the detention center. Hedgecock, his family and friends are hoping for a match to allow him to have a kidney and liver transplant.

Across the county, from coworkers to the hundreds of children he’s coached through little league sports, even the inmates he’s worked with since starting at the Lincoln County Detention Center in 1986, Hedgecock is highly respected as an officer and father.

He has been living with type 2 diabetes for some time, but was diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and decreased kidney function, according to a GoFundMe webpage created by his four children and daughter-in-law. The page has raised $2,540 to support his medical costs.

“For a guy who hasn’t touched a drop of liquor in his life getting liver disease,” said Rollie Kramer, chief deputy, is hard to understand.

Kramer said Hedgecock trained him when he first started with Lincoln County and he also trained Sgt. Dave Grandel, one of Hedgecock’s closest friends in the department. Continue reading