Organ donation gives life to a Pinellas firefighter

My FOX Tampa Bay | Dr Joette Giovinco

Losing a child is something no parent wants to face, but it's a reality Natalie Carter lives with daily.

Seven years ago, Natalie's 10-year-old son Austin, was riding with his sister in a go-cart. "He got dirt in his eyes, let go of the wheel to rub his eyes, and the go cart went off course."

The cart tipped to the side and Austin's head impacted a large, metal pipe.

On September 29, 2008, Natalie got the news her son wasn't going to wake up, "we could end the story and walk away, or we could take an hour or two and change history for somebody else."

Natalie and her family made a decision that would impact the lives of eight people they didn't know. "We as a family decided that Austin would be an organ donor, and his love of life couldn't end there. It would want to be something that Austin would want to share."

One of those people was Pinellas firefighter, Lori Lyons. She spent her career helping save lives but she had an inherited condition that was causing her kidney’s to fail. She was facing dialysis but a new kidney was her only hope for a fix. Continue reading

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