ORGAN DONATION: Separating fact from fiction


There’s a positive update to pass along on our buddy Lucas Goeller, the young boy who just had a livesaving liver transplant.

On Friday, Lucas’ mother told Channel 11 News that his breathing tube is out. That’s a big step on his road to recovery.

The community continues to rally around Lucas and his family.

On Friday, hundreds of people participated in a blood drive for him at the Peterson Events Center in Oakland.

“Words can’t describe what I’m seeing here. Everyone came together to try and save my son -- it just brings chills to my body,” Jessica Goeller said. “Everyone’s donating blood to keep him going.”

Lucas will use some of the blood donated on Friday, but a lot will go to other little boys and girls in need.

Dr. Raymond Benza, director of cardiac transplantation at Allegheny General Hospital, says it’s important to separate fact from fiction when it comes to organ donation.

“To be able to tell someone who is suffering from a terminal disease that they have an opportunity to spend more time with their loved ones,” Benza said.

Benza said you can’t be too young or too old to be a donor, and very few medical conditions disqualify you. VIDEO, continue reading.