Organ donor didn't expect to one day be a recipient

The Advocate | Libby Bingham

Max and Jan Robinson

GAWLER man Max Robinson was on the organ donor list.

At the time he registered as a donor and told his family his wishes, the ex-Simplot worker was fit and did not think he would be the one to receive a life-saving kidney from a deceased donor.

"If you don't donate how can you expect one?" Mr Robinson said.

"There's still always a bit of a guilt thing because someone had to die in order for you to get it. I think about the donor a lot.

"There's also the guilt that I got one and so many people are waiting."

Before the transplant, he was on a downward spiral for more than two years.

"On dialysis, I didn't think I would get [a kidney] at all," Mr Robinson said.

"Dialysis just keeps you in end-stage renal failure and it takes you longer to die." Continue reading