Organ donors and their loved ones honored Friday

KXLH | Zack Briggs

HELENA - LifeCenter Northwest and the Governor's Office of Community Service honored several Montanans on Friday, giving the Gift of Life.

Loved ones of the donors got the chance to pay tribute as well.

According to LifeCenter Northwest, there are currently 249 Montanans on a waiting list to receive an organ transplant.

In 2014, there were 30 organ donors and 116 tissue donors in Montana.

Family members of the organ donors accepted awards and words of praise from Governor Steve Bullock.

Bullock said, "87 percent of our adult population are registered as donors and certainly bravery and generosity displayed by you and your families."

Braxton Brown of Missoula said, "We were kids when we decided to be organ donors." Continue reading