Organs Of UBC Sikh Student Who Died At US Music Festival To Be Donated

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Vivek Pandher, a 22-year-old UBC student, died on Sunday in Vancouver after he was found unresponsive at the Paradiso music festival in Washington late last month. The BC Coroner’s Service has launched an investigation into whether extreme heat or drugs played a role in the death of the young UBC student.

VANCOUVER – Vivek Pandher, a 22-year-old UBC engineering student who died on Sunday after attending a music festival last month, will have his organs donated, said his family.

The Vancouver resident was found unresponsive at the Paradiso music festival near Wenatchee, Wash. on June 27.

“It was clear he was very seriously ill and on June 30 he was transferred back to Vancouver General Hospital,” the coroner said.

Coroners are still working to determine the exact cause of death but say extreme heat may have played a factor. Temperatures at the music festival were reported to be as high as 40 degrees.

Vivek Pandher was found unresponsive at the Paridiso in the Gorge electronic dance music festival near Wentatchee, Washington, on June 27.

The 22-year-old electrical engineering student was transported to Canada three days later in serious condition.

He was admitted to the intensive care unit at Vancouver General Hospital, and friends said he was in a coma and breathing through a ventilator. He died on Sunday. Continue reading


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