Pinole man publicly thanks kidney donor

KTVU | Amber Lee

PINOLE, Calif. (KTVU) – A Pinole man tells KTVU he is so grateful to a woman who is donating an organ to save his life, that he wants to share his story.

The 46-year-old father of two will undergo kidney transplant surgery in two weeks.

Anthony Obinyan is able to play with his two sons despite suffering from kidney failure.

Last fall, he was told he would need a transplant to survive, so he signed up with the national registry to receive a kidney donation.

After Obinyan signed up, he was told the wait would be eight years.

Though he was feeling physically fine, he says it was mentally challenging. "I couldn't get it together because I didn't know at what point I was going to go downhill," he said.

But his wife Amy didn't wait, saying, "I just told everyone... everyone."

Including members of her weight loss support group where she had met Michelle Jarrett of Concord late last year.

Jarrett volunteered to be tested. "I thought about those two beautiful kids... their 8-year-old and their 10-year-old. It would be unfortunate for them to grow up without their father," said Jarrett who is the mother of two grown children herself. VIDEO, Continue reading

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