Poll: Would you give up a loved one's organs for transplant?

Leigh Valley Live | Jim Flagg
In happier times, Brian Keller is seen celebrating Lafayette College's win over Lehigh University at Yankee Stadium last year. Keller died in a car crash last month. His family has decided to donate his organs to those awaiting transplants.((lehighvalleylive.com file photo))
Not every family makes the same choice, but the parents and siblings of Brian Keller— the 21-year-old Lafayette College football player who died after a June 25 car crash — decided in the waning hours of his life to make his organs available for donation to others.

With Brian on life support, his father called everyone together to talk about organ donation.

"We were all in 100 percent agreement," Mark Keller said. "They said his donations would help almost 70 people."

For the Kellers, the decision was a natural extension of Brian's outlook and dedication to helping others. His corneas and skin were harvested to be part of an organ and tissue donor program. That his heart valves would be used for babies in neonatal intensive care struck a chord with the Kellers; Brian's 18-year-old siblings, twins Amy and Alex, had been born prematurely and struggled to survive. Continue reading - Take the Poll

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