Recovery going well after life-saving transplant

KVUE | Terri Gruca

This is the first time Layla Harris met Jay Leach. She showed up to the dinner with this shirt. (Photo: Jay and Lori Leach)

CEDAR PARK, Texas -- Weeks after a life-saving kidney transplant, Jay Leach is still in awe of the miracle match that transformed his family.

"It's still like a dream. I still can't believe a perfect stranger would give a kidney to me," Jay said.

A chance encounter that began last year when Jay's wife Lori broke down in front of her hairdresser, Layla Harris.

"You could tell something was weighing on her I get emotional when I talk about it," said Harris.

"I had gotten notice, Jay was off the live donor list and the day before that I was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma cancer. So when I came to see Layla needless to say I was very emotional," said Lori. Continue reading