Stokesley woman working for organisation that saved her life after heart transplant aged 3

Gazette Live | Naomi Corrigan

Emma Thompson from Stokesley underwent the lifesaving procedure when she was a toddler.

Emma Thompson is raising money for two heart charities. She is pictured inset as a baby in hospital

After undergoing a crucial heart transplant as a toddler, Emma Thompson was given just five years to live.

Doctors told her mum and dad to “go home and enjoy her” while they could.

But 25 years on, and Emma is still here, fighting fit and working for the health service which saved her life.

“I am now 28 years old, and working within the NHS as a healthcare assistant, so I can give back something to an amazing institution that has cared for me my entire life,” she said.

Emma was born with a congenital heart condition which meant her ventricles were the wrong way round.

It meant her lungs were saturated with blood and her body did not receive enough oxygen.

“Only my mum could feed me because I couldn’t even suck on a bottle,” she said. Continue reading