Superior kidney donor hopes to inspire others

Colorado Hometown Weekly | Ellis Arnold

Living kidney donor and Superior resident Jose Amezola-Beltran will speak at the 16th annual Donor Dash 5K July 19 in Denver's Washington Park. (Jeremy Papasso / Staff Photographer)

A routine trip to the DMV for a driver's license often involves the passing question of whether a person wants to register as an organ and tissue donor — a decision that authorizes the use of their organs for vital transplants upon death. Large numbers of people — more than 120 million in the United States — are signed up as donors today.

But fewer people make the decision to donate organs while they're still alive.

Jose Amezola-Beltran of Superior is one of those people.

Sunday, Amezola-Beltran, 26, will speak at the 16th annual Donor Dash 5K in Denver's Washington Park and share the story of his kidney donation with the expected crowd of roughly 5,000. Donor Alliance (, the federally designated nonprofit group that facilitates organ and tissue donation in Colorado and most of Wyoming, is hosting the event.

Amezola-Beltran first began considering organ donation years ago after searching around on YouTube for other donors' stories. Continue reading