Teen donates more than half her liver to sister

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Ashleigh and Maurisa Mounger. (Photo: Mounger Family Photo)

DENVER - Having a sister means you'll never be alone.

Each pair of siblings have their own special bond, but for two sisters in Westminster, their bond goes even deeper than the heart: the two women now share a liver.

Ashleigh Mounger, 28, was diagnosed with Wilson's Disease in 2007. It's a rare disease, about one in 30,000 people have it, and it means her body cannot process copper.

She got by for years with medicines and treatment, but in October of 2014, she was admitted to the hospital with liver failure. Doctors told her she needed a new liver to continue to be a mom to her little girl, Emma, and live her life.

Mounger was placed on the National Organ Transplant List, but the wait for a deceased donor can take years. Her mother was tested to see if she was a match: she wasn't.

"You need to be much sicker to get a liver from what we call a deceased donor. Many patients and families are considering live donations because they do not want to be on the verge of dying before they get their transplant," said Dr. Igal Kam, Head of Transplant Program and University of Colorado Hospital. Continue reading