Teenager's father saves her life after donating his kidney in pioneering transplant... despite the fact they AREN'T a match

Daily Mail | Madlen Davies

When Charlotte Archer-Gay was told she desperately needed a kidney transplant, her relatives urgently began searching for a match.

Twenty-one of her family members and friends were tested but still the 15-year-old was dealt the devastating blow that no-one was suitable.

The news destroyed her family, leaving them fearing the worst.

But medics revealed they could clean Charlotte's blood of antibodies so she could receive her father Phil Gay's kidney, even though they do not have compatible blood types.

Charlotte is one of only 12 children in the country to undergo the unusual operation, usually reserved for adults, and referred to as plasmapheresis.

Plasmapheresis is a way of removing harmful antibodies that can attack a transplanted kidney.

And now – for the first time in years – Charlotte, 15, is able to swim, play badminton and have sleepovers with her friends.

The teenager, who has to take 28 anti-rejection tablets a day for the rest of her life, said she feels better than she has done in years. Continue reading

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