Teen's nosebleed saves the lives of both her parents after she was diagnosed with kidney disease

Lucky discovery: Crystal Enns is pictured here with her nephrologist, Dr. Quan. Enns discovered that she and both her parents were ill after she got a heavy nosebleed in January 2013

A 14-year-old girl's nosebleed saved her family's life after it led her to her being diagnosed with kidney disease and both her parents being diagnosed with the same type of kidney cancer.

When Crystal Enns of Wylie, Texas had a nosebleed that wouldn't go away in January 2013 her parents took her to receive medical attention.

CBS reports that the nosebleed was unrelated to Enns' diagnosis but that it allowed her to be seen by doctors who determined she had a rare form of kidney disease called Juvenile Nephronophthisis based on other symptoms.

Doctors told her that she would need a kidney transplant and they screened both of her parents to see if they would be eligible donors.

'When he [the doctor] first said I would have to have a transplant, I didn't want to talk about it,' Crystal, now 17 told CBS.

'I didn't want to think that that would have to happen.'

When doctors screened Crystal's mom Cristy as a possible donor they discovered a spot on her kidney.

'To find out at the very last minute with the last test that we couldn't [donate] was devastating,' Cristy told CBS. Continue reading


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