'It was an emotional roller coaster'

Asia One | Azim Azman

n November 2014, Ms Serene Koh reached out on social media to find a suitable liver donor for her ailing husband Mr Jason Mah.

For more than three years, he led a life of pain while hoping that a suitable liver donor could be found.

Mr Jason Mah, 35, had cirrhosis (scarring of the liver) and liver cancer. This left him jaundiced and with a stomach bloated with fluids which kept him in constant agony.

The former bartender and his wife, Ms Serene Koh, were given the devastating diagnosis in December 2011.

They had only been married in January that year.

Ms Koh, 28, told The New Paper: "My mind just went blank."

Doctors at the National University Hospital (NUH) told Ms Koh to prepare for the worst if a suitable donor could not be found within five years.

Last year, Ms Koh, a human resource assistant, was so desperate that she turned to the media and online sources for help.

Fortunately, there was some glimmer of hope. After TNP featured their predicament last November, over 40 people came forward as potential donors. Continue reading