12-Year-Old Sterling Boy Waits For Liver Transplant

Hartford Courant | Denise Coffey

Andrew Kreger is flanked by his brother Jacob, and friend Jacob Calorio. Photo by D. Coffey.

On Aug. 15, Andrew Kreger got a phone call he's been waiting 11 years for.

The 12-year-old was told he was second in line for a liver transplant. That call set off a grueling holding pattern. He and his dad had to be ready to head to Yale New Haven Hospital at a moment's notice. He couldn't eat or drink.

Andrew's mother, Laura, was in Florida when the call came in. She was helping her father who was in the hospital.

"Talk about stress," she said.

At 2 p.m. Sunday, the family was told the transplant had gone smoothly for the primary recipient. Andrew was off his holding pattern, but back to waiting for the next transplant call to come in.

Andrew was born with biliary atresia. Major bile ducts from his liver to his small intestines are blocked and as a result, toxins build up in his body. The condition impacts his ability to absorb vitamins and minerals, he dehydrates easily, and his liver is enlarged. Continue reading