2 sons, 1 kidney: Mother donates organ to friend’s son suffering from same disease as her own

FOX NEWS | Melinda Carstensen

From left to right: Joey Jordan and Bailey DeDio (Photo courtesy Jessica DeDio)

From the day Jessica DeDio learned her son’s kidneys would one day fail due to a rare disease he was diagnosed with as a child, she’d tended to her health so she could donate her own. DeDio and her son, Bailey, found solace in that idea, but when cystinosis, a disease that prevents the imperative breakdown of a protein in the body, finally caused his kidneys to malfunction in November 2013, they learned through tests at Stanford University that she wasn’t a good fit.

“I called Stanford and begged them to please take my kidney because I had made a promise to my son, and I couldn’t keep that promise,” DeDio, 38, told FoxNews.com. “Bailey was petrified.”

DeDio turned to her friend Mary Jordan, the mother of one of her son Bailey’s best friends, Joey, for comfort. The mother-son pairs had met years before at Stanford during a clinical trial for a drug meant to delay the inevitable kidney failure brought on by cystinosis, which Joey also suffers from.

As Bailey’s 14-year-old body was rejecting dialysis, and all 10 people who’d raised their hands to donate their kidneys fell through, Jordan gave DeDio a shoulder to cry on. Yet she also offered her friend an unprecedented gift: a matching blood test and a kidney for Bailey.

“I knew what she was going through because I went through the same thing with Joey, and I knew how devastating it was to be told you’re not a match for your son,” Jordan told FoxNews.com. “She was devastated from that, and I just wanted to be able to give that gift to her.” Continue reading.