9-year-old Amherst boy waits for new heart

News Net 5 | Dave Arnold

AMHERST, Ohio - Jacob Heberling walked around his house in Amherst Friday evening wishing he could play baseball again soon. Instead of an equipment bag filled with his bats, he's had to tote around a bag of medical equipment that dispenses medication to keep him as healthy as possible while he awaits an organ donor.

Jacob needs a heart. His late night rumbling awakened his father in May. It's a good thing. His father, Martin Heberling, showing concern as a father's light sleeping often does, may have saved Jacob's life.

"I thought maybe he was having a bad dream and he yelled out- he was able to get out- I can't...really loud. I picked him up and then I noticed his left arm had no feeling, and then his left leg too," said Martin.

Rushed to a local hospital, he was then transferred to Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital. His mother and father close behind the ambulance. Continue reading