David's story: A heart transplant gave me a new start in life

David Chaffey from Ebbw Vale was gravely ill by the time he had a heart transplant five years ago.
His heart was only pumping at 2.5 per cent, and even walking from his bedroom to his bathroom would leave him grasping for breath. David was put on the waiting list in 2010.
"December 2010 I felt very weak. I didn't want to eat any food and just felt like crying all the time.
I didn't have chest pain or anything but I went down to A&E because something wasn't right and they then moved me to a coronary care unit.
The next day they said I was in heart failure. It certainly wasn't what I was expecting."
Just one month after he was put on the waiting list, David was given the call to say that a heart had been found for him.
He was then taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham to receive the transplant that would transform his life.
Since receiving his new heart, David has been keen to get his life back and even had the honour of carrying the Olympic torch in 2012. Continue reading