Bethel family takes search for kidney donor to the streets

WCPO | Tony Mirones

Ronald Raines has polycystic kidney disease

BETHEL, Ohio -- Ronald Raines' family is working to save his life.

Raines had a kidney transplant 14 years ago because of polycystic kidney disease; people with the disease get cysts on their kidneys, and as they get older, those cysts start to rupture.

Now, Raines needs another kidney.

"Surgeons told us that there's a very slim chance that they find one for him," his wife Debbie said.

So Raines' family has taken to a new trend in health care, advertising on shirts, yard signs and on the back of cars to bring awareness to their dad.

We're not just about my dad, I mean, my dad being No. 1 to me right now, we're trying to get him a kidney," daughter Melissa Lovell said. W"e're about letting people know there's so many people that need any organ." Continue reading.