Boy Who Underwent Historic Double Hand Transplant Surgery Goes Home

Tech Times | Ted Ranosa

Zion Harvey, the eight-year-old Baltimore boy who underwent a successful double hand transplant surgery in July, has been released from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and is now continuing his recuperation at home. (Photo : Children's Hospital of Philadelphia)

The eight-year-old boy from Baltimore who received a double hand transplant was released from the hospital on Wednesday, Aug. 26, and is now recuperating at home.

Zion Harvey made history when he became the first child to successfully undergo hand transplant surgery at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia early in July.

While such medical procedures are uncommon, since transplants often require immune suppression for the rest of the patient's life, doctors cleared Harvey for the surgery because he was already receiving antirejection medication.

He first started taking the drugs after he underwent a kidney transplant with an organ from his mother when he was four years old. Continue reading