Couple Marries After Falling In Love While Both Undergoing Liver Transplants

Redbook Magazine

"If I wasn't in the hospital for my rejection, we wouldn't have ever met. I think it is just good luck. We found love."

2009, 49-year-old Wayne Boden was admitted to the hospital to get a liver transplant after inflamed bile ducts caused severe organ damage. Three years later, he was forced to come back to the hospital and wait for another liver because his body had rejected his first transplant. Little did he know that while he waited for a donor, he would meet the love of his life, Shelley.

Shelley, 35, had been diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis in 2008, which caused her white blood cells to attack her liver. In October of 2011, Shelley was put on a list to receive a transplant and, four months later, was given a new liver. But, like Wayne, she was re-admitted in 2012 to receive five days of intense antibiotic rejection treatment.

The pair first met in a hospital TV room and began talking about their operations. Even though both Wayne and Shelley were not feeling well, Shelley says they immediately hit it off. Continue reading