Couple a perfect match - for live organ donation

Yuma Sun | Amy Crawford

Janine and Jerry Lane knew they were well-matched, but they didn't know that when Jerry would eventually need a new kidney, Janine would be the one to provide it.

When Jerry and Janine Lane started dating and got married almost 37 years ago, they knew they were well-matched.

The two longtime Yumans just didn’t realize how close that match was until Jerry started having kidney problems and would eventually need a new one.

With odds that the two would be a match standing at about 1 in 100,000 Jerry estimated, Janine would go on to save her husband’s life by donating him one of her healthy kidneys.

“Wow, how could (we) be such a perfect match?” Jerry said.

“She stole my heart, so she owed me a kidney,” Jerry joked during an interview with the Yuma Sun.

That word, “match,” is the key to finding a kidney, or any other organ. According to the Mayo Clinic, several tests are done to see if a donor may be able to donate a kidney to a certain person. Things that need to “line up,” or match, typically include blood type, tissue type (also known as HLA) and crossmatch. Continue reading