Cypress Ridge football coaches healing after organ donation

Click2Houston | Haley Hernandez

Coach Matthew Beeler (left) and Coach John McWilliams (right)

CYPRESS, Texas - Two football coaches from Cypress Ridge High School are back on the field after one donated an organ to the other.

A few months ago Matthew Beeler was preparing for the operating room.

Beeler made the decision to donate part of his liver to a co-worker.

"I felt like it was my calling," Beeler said.

Beeler said the decision came easily to him when he found out he was a match for Cy-Ridge head coach John McWilliams, who had a genetic disease and needed a liver transplant to prolong his life.

"I was ready to get back," McWilliams said. "I was ready to get home."

This week, both coaches returned to the football field and they hope to show students that making sacrifices for teammates doesn't end at the whistle.

"To be successful on the football field you have to be unselfish," Beeler said. "You have to be unselfish in everything you do and so this whole journey has been used as a teaching tool for not just kids on the field, but kids in the classroom as well." Continue reading.