Family celebrates first “transplantaversary”

WANE | Sara Wagner

Jake and Maddox celebrating first anniversary of kidney transplant.

OSSIAN, Ind. (WANE) – A family in Ossian celebrated an anniversary this weekend, but it’s not a typical celebration. It’s been one year since their son received a new kidney, and with it, a second chance at life.

Born with End-stage kidney failure put now two-year-old Maddox Franz on dialysis when he was just 12 days old and made a kidney transplant a necessity. Thanks to the gift of a neighbor, Maddox is now a typical toddler. Hundreds of people came out to celebrate the anniversary Saturday night in Ossian. It’s for good reason too as the odds of Maddox keeping the kidney go up dramatically a year after the transplant. Maddox’s parents, Sarah and Brian, are calling it the start of many “transplantaversaries” to come.

It’s a celebration the Franz family could’ve only dreamed of just a couple of years ago. After Maddox was born, he spent four weeks at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. He was eventually able to go home, but had to dialysis every night. Continue reading