Filmmaker Paul Cox melts hearts at MIFF

Herald Sun | Sally Bennett

Director Paul Cox

The organ transplant recipient, whose latest film Force of Destiny is a dramatic take on his real-life story, has found the good in his near-death experience.

“The proof of our lives is the love we leave behind,” Cox told a packed Hamer Hall last night.

“If I had to live again I would be crazier than I have been. I would laugh more and cry less and would be more aware of the fact that life must be an act of love whatever the consequences.”

Opening the festival, Force of Destiny, starring David Wenham, tells the story of an artist who finds love just as he is reeling from a liver cancer diagnosis and in desperate need of a transplant.

Cox was diagnosed with cancer and had a liver transplant in 2009. During his treatment he met his partner, who is also a transplant recipient.

Cox thanked the “generosity of heart and spirit” of his transplant donor, whose “great gift of life” had allowed him to make the film.

“Hopefully the film will enrich your life instead of pandering to our lower instincts,” he said. Continue reading