How 17-year-old Lauren saved eight lives in one night

Sunshine Coast Daily | Francesca Mcmackin

DAY is just breaking over Middlemore Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand. It's a new dawn, but Wendy Hastie's world is crumbling around her.

Braindead, the doctors say.

Lauren Hastie lies on a hospital bed. The only evidence of the crash is a small cut on the side of her head. She breathes, her heart beats-but Lauren is gone.

And Wendy remembers a conversation in the kitchen, years before, as Lauren filled out her driver's licence form.

"Organ donation, I'd like to do that," Lauren said as she ticked the box.

"That's lovely, dear," Wendy said.

She never thought anything more of it, not until the doctor gives her the worst news a mother can receive. Lauren was a careful girl.

"She's an organ donor," Wendy tells the doctor. She hasn't quite realised the depth of her loss. The grief will hit soon.

The doctor seems incredibly grateful. Wendy doesn't realise why-not yet. She just knows that this was what Lauren wanted. Continue reading