Keith Crawford Raises Awareness of Organ Donation in Black Community

Post News Group | Ashley Chambers

A Give Life, Save Life billboard displays a young Eriana Smith who is in need of a bone marrow transplant. Photo courtesy of Give Life, Save Life.

Created Give Life, Save Life Foundation in Memory of Late Daughter

What Keith Crawford remembers most of his late daughter Brittany is her caring, fearless spirit and zeal for life. Her presence would light up a room, he said.

On April 1, 2012, Brittany was tragically killed at 20 years old in a car accident. Two days after Brittany’s death, the decision Crawford and his wife made to donate her organs saved the lives of four patients.

Although devastated by the loss of his daughter, Crawford saw that as an opportunity to help give other people a second chance at life.

“Her life ended tragically and we wanted her spirit to live. It was just an unselfish act,” said Crawford, a native of San Francisco.

“Just seeing the impact of how many lives we touched…I see Brittany in the people that have been given a second chance,” he said. Continue reading