Kidney transplant saves pastor

Amarillo Globe News | Eboni Graham

Provided Art-The surgical team performing a kidney transplant on Albert Harris, associate pastor of New Life church in Amarillo.

After being diagnosed with kidney disease in June 2009, Albert Harris would quickly learn two things — how to ask for help and how much unconditional love his community has for him and his family.

“The hardest thing about this process is, we’ve always been givers, but one of the hardest thing was to ask for help,” said Albert Harris, 46, associate pastor of New Life Church in Amarillo. “It’s something that you have to be willing to do, it’s something that I had to learn how to do.”

Six years ago, Harris went to the doctor to simply get a handle on his high blood pressure, which he had been dealing with for a while, but instead found out that his situation was much more serious that just trying to lower his blood pressure.

“It was on June 3 when they wanted to run additional tests that required blood work,” Harris said. “When I went in to get the blood work, the technician came back and said “Mr. Harris have you had your dialysis today?” I told her I didn’t have kidney problems and she said you need to talk to your doctor.” Continue reading