Kidney transplants gives teen time to grow up

KRQE | DEVIN FILCHAK, The Associated Press

ANDERSON, Ind. (AP) — More than a year ago, Donte King Jr. wasn’t sure he’d see his 14th birthday.

Thanks to receiving a kidney transplant, not only was he able to celebrate that birthday with his twin sister and family Thursday, but his whole life has changed.

Donte received his transplant on Sept. 26, 2014, at Riley Hospital for Children. The transplant went so well that the kidney took to Donte’s body immediately.

"In the operating room, they said as soon as they hooked the kidney up, it started producing urine," Donte said.

Following a kidney transplant, the biggest fear is that the body will reject the foreign organ. Anti-rejection medication is essential following a kidney transplant, according to the Mayo Clinic. Continue reading