Kyli: "I'll help you" — 3-year-old New Philadelphia girl lives on through organ donation

Times Reporter

Instead of preparing her 3-year-old daughter, Kyli, for HeadStart, Mercedes Meyers suddenly found herself dealing with donating the child’s organs.

“She was extremely intelligent,” her mother said Thursday.

“She was getting ready for HeadStart in September. She was very excited to start school. I had her singing her ABCs — you could understand her perfectly. I had her counting to 12 with me.”

On Sunday, Meyers’ boyfriend, Cody Dawes, was baby sitting her two young children at her home at 359 Eighth Drive NE, New Philadelphia.

Dawes has been charged with two counts of child endangering in connection with the death of Kyli Thomas-Meyers, as Tuscarawas County sheriff’s detectives continue to investigate the circumstances. 

Kyli was pronounced dead Tuesday afternoon, but she remained on life support at Akron Children’s Hospital so that her organs could be donated.Continue reading

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